Naked Girls Radio Saturday Night

Naked Girls Radio Promotional Artwork Dancers

There are lots of first time musicians and songs on this two hour long broadcast which include the songs Love Space by Convulsic, Changed by Dylan McGuire, Shock Me Gal by Kyle Young featuring Scatterbox, Just For Two by The Extended Play, Hard Rain by Tommy Roumanas, Snitches Permeating Every Object by Glen Neff, Sugar Lake by Lynne Taylor Donovan, Cowboy Cadillac by Ray William Roldan and Attention by Vee Boi Baby .

The complete playlist for this radio show includes: Mark Castle (I Just Hold The Mirror), Amerikas Addiction (Sounds Like Sex), DJ Spooky (Arctic Rhythms Dubstep Mix), HiPost (Swagg), Convulsic (Love Space), Dylan McGuire (Changed), Doc Phybes featuring Philly Wonka (OMG), Mission 16 (Mind is Gone), Kali featuring Dr Edwin and Cali King (Let Me Play With It), Kyle Young featuring Scatterbox (Shock Me Gal), The Extended Play (Just for Two), Tommy Roumanas (Hard Rain), Sono Vero (End of Forever), Mrs PG featuring Big Ant (Bend), Mr Frizo (Got A Hater), DJ Reptile06 (Sabertooth), Glenn Neff (Snitches Permeating Every Object), Lynn Taylor Donovan (Sugar Lake), Ray William Roldan (Cowboy Cadillac), Yung Dread (1 Cheek 2 Cheek), Vee Boi Baby (Attention), RoJizz featuring Jabril (Chasing), The Devine XPereience (Scratche BAS), New Nobility (Rebel Hero), Mongrel (Bound to Crash), The Fearse Kreatures (Black Metal Rose), Pennan Brae (Goin Down), The Mike Michalak Band (Turtleneck), Arron Brown (Star Gazing)

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