Tuesday's Naked Nooner Naked Girls Radio 3D Virtual Reality World Game

Tuesday afternoon’s two hour live broadcast brings you brand new never before heard music by ABC on Naked Girls Radio with their song Away. Naked Girls Radio has “music so new that it’s naked” bringing you the song Can I Want the World There Too by Lions Named Leo. There is a special Naked Girls Radio interview with Chris Star and the band Indescreet at Reggie’s Rock Club in Chicago.

This show’s playlist includes music by the following artists:

ABC – Away
Convulsic – Love Space
Iakopo – Whatcha Say
Mr Palmer – Photograph

Lions Named Leo – Can’t I want the World There Too
Sono Vero – End of Forever
The Extended Play – Just for Two
DJ Reptile06 – Sabertooth

The Last Second Save ft Anamosity – Born to Run
Tommy Roumanas – Hard Rain
Chris Star – Interview with Indescreet
Doug Cash – When Mona Lisa Cries

Bassphreak – Cure for the (Gl)Itch (Part 1)

Glen Neff – Snitches Permeating Every Object
The Devine Experience – Scratche
King Felix – Touching Basses
Gone by Sunrise – Korea (The Way She Was)

Arsenal E Vega ft Freck Billionaire – Make it Vibe
Babyface Monster ft RoGizz – Holla
TDawn – Controlled by Vanity

Toni Sarcozi – Vortex Love

A huge thank you goes out to our radio sponsors!!
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