Naked Nooner Monday October 20th

in the NGR 3D Virtual World

Turn it on and listen to this two hour long show filled with all kinds of different music from various genres. First time music on this episode includes the song Rich by Caleb, and If I Should Die by RoGizz featuring Dub Tree and Fatboi Fresh.

This afternoon’s musical playlist includes the following audio tracks for your listening enjoyment:

Collabo – Licorice
Caleb – Rich
Mr Palmer – Photograph
RoGizz ft Dub Tree and Fatboi Fresh – If I Should Die
Lions Named Leo – Can’t I Want the World There Too
The Last Second Save ft Anamosity – Born to Run
The Extended Play – Just for Two
Sono Vero – End of Forever
ABC – Away
Convulsic – Love Space
The Devine Xperience – Scratche Bas
Edmmer – Little Sprinter
Caleb – Rich
Vee Boi Baby – Attention
Arsenal E’ Vega – Make it Vibe
Iakopo – Whatcha Say
Babyface Monster ft RoGizz – Holla
Doug Cash – When Mona Lisa Cries
Dylan McGuire – Changed
Glen Neff – Snitches Permeating Every Object
Gone By Sunrise – Korea (The Way She Was)
Tommy Roumanas – Hard Rain
Lynne Taylor Donovan – Sugar Lake
Ray William Roldan – Cowboy Cadillac
Rick Mercer – Never Again (Till the Next Time)
Steve Ryan – Pride with Humility
TDawn – Controlled by Vanity
Tommy Homonym – Irresistible
Tony Sarcozi – Vortex Love
King Felix – Touching Bases

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